CRHP Frequently Asked Questions

So ... just what is Christ Renews His Parish?
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a program designed to bring members of a Parish together in Christ. Emphasis is on small group participation. Rather than teaching, the process is focused on witnessing by team members with discussion and the opportunity for sharing by all. 

What CRHP is not!
It is not a silent retreat. It is not a Parish organization, a public confession, an emotional cult, or a clique.

Who conducts the weekend?
The experience is presented by the participants of past CRHP Renewals at Immaculate Conception Parish.

What happens during the weekend? 
Most who have participated in the renewal experience say that “you can’t explain what happens; you have to experience it.” This is your invitation to that experience. You will enjoy the weekend. It will include some group activities and interactions, private and group prayer, and reflections by team members on such subjects as: Father’s Loving Care, Scripture, Eucharist, Christian Community, and Christian Awareness. Expect a relaxed atmosphere and opportunities to respond to Christ’s call to a closer and deeper relationship with Him.

What about confession?
There will be a Reconciliation service held in the chapel. The service will conclude with Confession for those who desire this Sacrament.

What about weekend mass?
There is a special Eucharist Celebration for those attending the weekend.

Where do we sleep?
The Renewal Weekend is a thirty hour event. We will stay over Saturday night in our children's school rooms. Air mattresses are available but you must bring your own linen, sleeping bag, or portable bed. Hot water is available so remember to bring your towel, wash cloth, and toiletries.

What about meals?
Meals will be served. You will not need to bring any for yourself or others. There will be regular breaks for cold drinks, coffee, and snacks. If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know with a note on your registration form.

Is there any cost to participate?
There is no cost to attend. The Renewal Weekend is a gift from the presenting team and the Parish. You will be given the opportunity to volunteer a private donation should you be so inspired.

I would like to attend, but have a health problem.
Any health problems should be discussed with the spiritual director. A recommendation will then be made. Special arrangements require at least 2 weeks notice. Don’t forget to bring your medications.

This weekend is an Invitation to Grace 
All you who are thirsty
come to the water!
Come without money …
Come without cost …
Come to Me heedfully
Listen that you may have life.
I will renew you with the
everlasting covenant.

The uniqueness of the Christ Renews His Parish program is its continuation. Participants are so inspired and moved, so renewed and uplifted, that they are anxious to share their faith and their experience with others in the Parish Family.

Participants have the opportunity to begin planning the next weekend soon after they complete their's. They become the "new team." During this formation time even greater spiritual growth occurs.

This weekend is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Christ and to grow your love of your brothers and sisters of Immaculate Conception Parish.