CRHP Intentions

Following is a sampling of intentions prayed for by people who attended Christ Renews His Parish.
  • For patience with and understanding of all the people in my life; especially by family.
  • God will not guide me wrong — He will give me strength to survive.
  • For discernment in job and vocation — I need your help Lord.
  • To find a resolution to my troubling conflicts and achieve a final fullness of life.
  • That we may become the people we are meant to be so God will work through us to save others.
  • To release me from the anger I have and allow forgiveness of those who have hurt me.
  • For the bringing of our family to Christ so that we will learn to love and serve Him.
  • To renew my faith and relax.
  • A deeper commitment to surrender to Jesus and give my time and effort to prayer and meditation.
  • Please Lord — Draw us all nearer to Yourself and help me renew my prayer life.
  • To become a better Faith Leader for my family.
  • To draw closer to God — To become more faithful and fulfilled in following the way of Christ.
  • To find clear direction and opportunities to pursue.
  • Lord, please help in by faith journey to be open to Your call