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I.C. SW-PBS Video

What is SW-PBS?

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) is a school's process for teaching social and behavioral skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning. This approach utilizes a collection of research-driven effective practices that specifically address the individual school.

Immaculate Conception's SW-PBS Purpose Statement
We, the students, staff, and families of Immaculate Conception School, will create a climate of responsibility, safety, Christianity, and respect for growth in faith and learning.

  • Have responsibility.
  • Act safely.
  • Live Christ-like.
  • Offer respect.
HALO Behavior Matrix (PDF)

SW-PBS Tier 1 Team:

Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Grissom, Mrs. Lueckenhoff, Mr.Donehue, 
Mrs. Boessen, & Ms. Eisterhold

SW-PBS Tier 2 Team:
Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. Schrimpf, Ms. Ferguson, Mrs. Kuster, 
Mrs. Gerstner

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