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Scrip Program


Beginning August 21st and running through September 30th, for every $100 a family spends in Scrip, your family name will be put in a drawing for $100 grocery or gas card of your choice.  So get your orders in and encourage your family members, friends and co-workers to purchase scrip for you.  Every dollar spent increases your chances of winning the $100 cards.  Please spread the word and encourage those school families who don't use Scrip to get on board!!

School Registration Fee Contest
$500 Value

We are holding again the School Registration Fee Contest valued at $500 which will be applied towards one child's registration fees for the 2018-19 school year.  For every $500 of scrip purchased, your family name will be entered into the drawing.  This contest  runs from June 2017 - May 2018.
Gerbes Community Rewards Program


Please view the Gerbes Community Rewards Flyer below if you have not yet enrolled in the program.


2nd Quarter (2017)
Community Rewards Program Report
Please submit now!

Deadline:  October 1, 2017

Go to and sign in with your username and password.  Click on Community; Community Rewards; and then click on View Your Rewards Details. 

Please either email the report to or send a hard copy to the school office.

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August 22, 2017     

Upcoming Weekend Sale Dates

(St. Ann's Room - Church Annex Room)
After All Masses except 5:00 pm Sunday
Upcoming Weekend Sale Dates

Sept 2-3rd, Sept 16-17th, Oct 7-8th, 
Oct 21-22nd, Nov 4-5th, Nov 18-19th, 
Dec 2-3rd, Dec 9-10th and Dec 16-17th

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call Janie Wyrick at the school office or e-mail any questions to her at  

Please find below a Question and Answer Sheet that explains the program in detail

New Merchants:  (In stock)
  • Great Clips - will now be kept in stock.  $25 cards and will return 8%.
  • Initially Yours - will now be kept in stock.  $10/$25 cards and will return 5%.
  • Robo Car Wash - will now be kept in stock.   $6 certificates and return 15%.
New Merchants:  (Available to order)
  • Domino's - $25 denomination and will return 8%.
  • Sephora - $25 denomination and will return 5%.
  • Disney - has changed their percentage from 2% - 3%. 
  • Aeropostale - will now be available to order only.
  • Fossil - is no longer available to order in physical cards - ScripNow only.
  • Hyatt Hotels - is no longer available to order in physical cards.  ScripNow only.
  • Gymboree - is not longer participating in the Scrip Program.
  • JC Pizza Co. - is no longer participating in the Scrip Program due to closing.  If you have recently purchased certificates that have not been used, please contact, and she will discuss reimbursement of the certificates.
The following merchants have either gone out of business in the Jefferson City and/or Columbia areas or are looking to close in the near future:

Fazoli's  ($25) - 3 cards
Macy's ($25) - 3 cards
Outback Steakhouse ($25) - 1 card
Quiznos ($10) - 4 cards

I still have a few cards of these merchants and would really like to get rid of them in our inventory.  I would appreciate it if someone would be interested in purchasing some of these cards which can be used in different cities.   Thank You!!

Limited Time Only Cards Still Available

Applebee's $10
Panera Bread $5
Starbucks $5
Target $10
Walmart $10
These gift cards make thoughtful, easy gift for teachers, co-workers, babysitters, and all other special people in your life!  



The Power point presentation is attached below for your review.    If at anytime you would like to know more about on-line Scrip shopping, please call Janie Wyrick at the school office.    If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with her to discuss on-line Scrip shopping, she would be happy to meet with you.  You can call the school office at 636-7680 or email her at


In order to shop on line, go to and set up an account.   The on-line ordering instructions are attached below.  You will have to link your account to the Immaculate Conception School scrip program and will need our school enrollment code (please call the school office for that enrollment code).   

You can submit orders without enrolling in Presto Pay, but your order will not be released until check or cash are received in the school office.  To bypass sending in check/cash and not holding up the release of your order, it would be advantageous for you to sign up for Presto Pay.  Each order placed will cost you $.15, but this process will allow you to get your orders in a timely fashion and will also allow you to print ScripNow Merchants and Reload cards for those last minute purchases.  

Instructions to sign up for Presto Pay are also listed on the instruction sheet.  If you have any questions at all during the on-line process, please do not hesitate to call Janie Wyrick (636-7680)  at the school office.  Thank you in advance for giving on-line scrip shopping a try!! 

Deadline for Presto Pay Orders

If you wish to place an on-line order using Presto Pay that you want sent home with your child, the deadline will be 2:00 pm daily.   After that time, we cannot guarantee that the orders will be filled and sent home with your child.   On early dismissal days, orders will need to be submitted no later than 12:00 pm.


Pease read comments below from parents regarding on-line ordering:

"Our family loves the online Shop with Scrip program because of the convenience.  It's super easy to go in and order whatever amount you need and if you use the ScripNow! feature, you get even more convenience because you can use it right away.  I always buy the ScripNow! eCards while I am in the checkout line at the store and they are delivered right to me before I have to pay!?     Shelia Berhorst

"I love the online Shop with Scrip program.  I recently decided to go to lunch with my daughter, and was able to go to the program, order the SCRIP and print it out to use at lunch 15 minutes later.  Another time, I was at TJ Maxx.  While I was in the store, I ordered the SCRIP that I needed, and then was able to give them my phone to scan the code to pay for my items in the store.  With the reload now vendors (Subway, Starbucks, Target), I can give my daughter who is in college gift cards and reload them electronically from the Shop with Scrip web site.  Being able to order online has enabled me to use Scrip more often"    Lisa Berendzen

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