Administration Commission

The Administration Commission is comprised of those interested in the finances, long range planning, stewardship, and building maintenance of our parish facilities. This Commission oversees the areas listed below.

For more information or to get involved, please consult the bulletin or your Parish Guidebook for a contact name, phone number, and/or email.

Church cleaning

A rotating group of volunteers are assigned a month to clean the church.

Parish Newsletter

News from the Pews is our quarterly parish newsletter. It shares committee or organization notices, general parish information such as new priests, features about special people, upcoming events, etc. to make parishioners feel more connected to each other. Pictures are always welcome. Articles may be dropped by the rectory if in hard copy or e-mailed to

Parish Website/Social Media/Communications

This position strives to keep our community informed and engaged in real time through posters, displays, this website, social media posts and other means of communication. All members of the parish family are welcome to share their activities, ministries, needs, goals, etc. so that the information can be shared more widely.

(To request an update or event for the parish website, please email All requests are subject to review by the Communications Coordinator and Pastor, and will be published upon approval.)

Stewardship Committee

This ministry studies and encourages all aspects of sharing the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Parish Office Volunteers

Volunteers help as needed with such things as stuffing bulletins, preparing mailings, creating posters and banners using artistic skills, and other tasks.


Skills such as asphalt/concrete, carpentry, electrical, mechanics, painting, plumbing are occasionally needed in the parish.

Dream Team

This is a dedicated group of volunteers who help on Tuesdays with general parish maintenance of the campus doing clean up, painting, electrical, etc.