Social Concerns Commission

The Social Concerns Commission directs and organizes events that directly affect the many concerns of our parishioners and beyond.

For more information or to get involved, please consult the bulletin or your Parish Guidebook for a contact name, phone number, and/or email.

Visitation to Sick and Homebound

These ministers go out into the community to spend time with members of our parish family who are physically unable to join us at church, visiting and praying with them and taking the Eucharist to them.

Cookie bakers

Individuals who sign up as cookie bakers are called occasionally to bake for a parish activity.

Funeral Luncheon workers

These coordinators email everyone from the parish to ask for food donations and they serve the dinner. All families of the parish are contacted for food donations.

Handy Person for Homebound

This volunteer provides help for people who need little jobs done and are unable to do them.

Nurse volunteer

Our nurses provide health information and occasional screenings.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

These individuals meet twice monthly (on the second and fourth Friday mornings) to knit/crochet shawls, lap afghans, etc. for those needing comfort in our parish community as well our hospitals, nursing homes and throughout the community. The items made are blessed by a priest/deacon.


This group works to protect human life.

Transportation to church/events

These volunteers provide transportation for those in need of help getting to church and parish events.

Welcome Committee

These committee members visit new parishioners to welcome them to our parish community. They take packets of information to them and answer any questions they may have, hoping to make them feel comfortable as part of our parish family.