Sunday, September 12 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

in the McCarty Street Plaza

Free to anyone 12 or older

Register online with Compass Health or call the parish office at 635-6143. Walk-ins are also welcome.

The clinic will be providing 1st and 2nd doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and a 3rd booster for some high-risk individuals. The vaccine is free to anyone aged 12 and up.

Anyone who received a first dose at our first vaccination clinic on August 22nd is is automatically registered for their second dose with this clinic; no other steps are required.

Those who received a third dose that day don’t need anything more.

This signup is for those who are interested in getting a first dose or a third dose based on their immunocompromised status, as well as for someone who has had a first dose but not a second.

Brought to you by IC Health Ministry & Compass Health

The FDA has now given final, full approval to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.