Praying the Rosary with our Faith Family

Join us in praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, led by our own parishioners and featuring our own stained glass windows.

Mass of Explanation for RCIA

Mass of Explanation

Fr. Don Antweiler celebrates this special Mass for our RCIA/Inquiry group, pausing at various stages to explain the historical, scriptural, traditional, and ritualistic basis for how and why the Mass is celebrated.

For anyone who has wondered "why do we do what we do?" or "where does this come from?", this recording is a wonderful resource.

Seven Sisters Apostolate and Fasting Brothers Ministry

A priest’s role is to form this human church on earth into a saintly church in heaven. Our prayers can help strengthen our priests to carry out their calling. Click here to find out how to be part of a Seven Sisters group or one of the Fasting Brothers

Franciscan University online video series

Franciscan University is offering a whole range of online video courses on Catholic faith and life at no cost to you!

  • teachings and practices of the Catholic tradition

  • new skills in parenting and passing on faith to your children

  • prayer life and renewed sense of spirituality

  • deepened understanding of Scripture and the vision of Jesus

Simply go to and set up a personal account to view the eight tracks and list of courses under each track.

Young Married Couples

20- to 30-something-year-old married couples from IC are invited to join us on the 2nd Friday of each month for food and fellowship from 6-8 pm in Kertz Hall. Childcare is provided and everyone is invited to bring food to share. After we eat, we have a different topic to discuss each month that pertains to our Catholic faith, marriage and/or parenting. And we always end with games. If you are bringing children with you. feel free to feed them dinner beforehand or bring their meal with you as they will be in a separate room with the childcare provider.

Lincoln University Catholic Campus Group

We are forming a catholic campus group and we want to meet you! Continuing your faith practices in a university environment is so important, and we’re here to help. If you are a Catholic student or staff member, or know someone who is, please share this information and get in touch with us today!

Deacon Bill Seibert, religious liaison to LU

Click here for contact info


These series by Bishop Robert Barron of Word On Fire ministries are available for individuals, parish organizations, or small groups to check-out. To reserve them, just call the office 635-6143, email or stop by!

Catholicism series

Journey around the world and deep into the Catholic Faith in all its richness, history, beauty, goodness, and truth in breathtaking, high-definition cinematography.

Click here for titles in this series.

Pivotal Players series

Join Bishop Barron on the journey to unlock the truth behind the most influential people of the Catholic Church.

Click here for details about this series.

The Mass

Walk through the Liturgy with Bishop Barron and be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Click here for titles in this series.

Spiritual Development

Center for Action and Contemplation

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI

The Sunday Website with readings, reflections, intercessions and more for each week

Issues of Faith

Bishop Robert Barron's Resources on the Sexual Abuse Crisis

DVDs by Bishop Robert Barron (such as The New Evangelization and many others) are available for purchase from Word on Fire

Smartphone App

In the Pray As You Go app -- downloadable from your mobile device -- each audio reflection is about 11 or 12 minutes long and includes a song, a daily Scripture reading, a reflection, a question or two to think about and the "Glory Be" prayer at the conclusion. Just search for Pray As You Go in the App Store or Google Play.


The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi is a program from EWTN that features converts from other denominations or religions, or Catholics who have returned, to tell their stories. Check the program's website to watch live, catch up on past shows, or find your local channel's broadcast schedule.

Radio: KHJR 88.1 FM

Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders is a daily call-in show primarily for non-Catholics to ask questions, hosted by Dr. Anders, and engaging convert from Calvinism with a deep background and knowledge of Catholicism, Christianity, and Protestantism. Check the program's website to listen live, catch past episodes, or listen from 1-2 pm and 10-11 pm Monday -Friday on our local Catholic radio station, KHJR 88.1 FM.


Grow in your relationship with Christ through prayer, study, community, action, and more. Select your area of interest from a diverse and thorough list at to access the best free resources available, such as:

  • daily reflections

  • Sacraments

  • Sunday Mass preparation guides

  • three minute meditations

  • and so much more