Funeral Luncheon Workers

Immaculate Conception Parish’s Funeral Luncheon Committee takes care of arrangements for funeral luncheons at Immaculate Conception. The Funeral Luncheon Committee has two primary contact people. These ladies are notified by either the funeral home or the parish office and are given the name of a family member to contact for specific information about the luncheon. The family specifies the type of meat they will be providing: chicken, ham, or other. They also choose between mashed and scalloped potatoes.

The contact ladies then notify one of five groups to take care of hosting the luncheon. Each group consists of two or three leaders and several members. The Funeral Luncheon Committee also has a member who makes calls for bread and another who makes calls for desserts and salads. These ladies are contacted by the group leader when a funeral is scheduled. All parishioners are automatically on the list to be called for bread, desserts or salads. Parishioners that sign up for funeral luncheons during the annual Stewardship Appeal are called to be a member of one of the five groups that help on the day of the funeral.

The hall is free of charge for funeral luncheons. The Funeral Luncheon Committee relies solely on donations from the families of the deceased to support their ministry. The donation assists in covering the costs of the hot vegetable, potatoes, disposable plates, plastic utensils, napkins, cups, ice, tea, coffee, and condiments served at the luncheon.

Thanks to all parishioners for your support of this ministry!


Norma Boes

Mary Alice Thater