School Board

The I.C School Board consists of the pastor, principal, assistant principal, Home & School president, and six members elected from the home & school association and parish council. It is a policy-forming body for the school, functioning in an advisory capacity. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month.

School Board Members 2021/2022:

Jenni Lang, President

Tina Bernskoetter, Vice President

Teresa Bullock, Secretary

Rev. Donald Antweiler, Pastor

Heather Schrimpf, Principal

Lora Boessen, Assistant Principal


Jake Rodemann

Jennifer McBaine

Toni Miller- Home and School President

Destiny Blume

Immaculate Conception School Advisory Board Minutes

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 6:30-8:15pm


Heather Schrimpf, Lora Boessen, Jenni Lang, Danielle Juliette, Toni Miller, Tina Bernskoetter, Destiny Blume, Jake Rodemann, Jennifer McBaine, Teresa Bullock

Opening Prayer:

Jenni called the meeting to order with a prayer.

Spencer Allen, Principal of Helias Catholic High School (HCHS) spoke with the committee about his intention to increase partnership efforts between HCHS and local parochial schools through:

Collaboration of resources with middle schools Increase youth ministry at HCHS Evangelization = HCHS students working with middle school students

Mr. Allen requested input/suggestions from school council members for ways to achieve above goals. He welcomed questions/comments at any time via email,

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes approved and signed.

Election of Officers:

Following board members approved:

o President: Jenni Lang O Vice President: Tina Bernskoetter o Secretary: Teresa Bullock

Principal's Report:

Beginning of Year Numbers

0 Total Enrollment: 315 (292-Catholic 23-Non-Catholic)

PreK-32 Kindergarten- 38

1st Grade- 19 2nd Grade- 30 3rd Grade- 25 4th Grade-24 5th Grade-41 6th Grade-27

7th Grade-44 - 8th Grade-35 . Families- 209

Emergency Drills to practice this month

o 9/2 Fire-System worked well. Out in @4 minutes o 9/7 Tornado-Minor movement needed for Kaiser Building


9/9 Intruder (indoor threat-the students will not be barricading the doors)

Mid-Quarter Reports

O Mid- Quarter Grades will be ready for viewing on September 20th for grades 3-8.

COVID Response

o 5 students in quarantine (4 due to close contact (family member) + 1 student positive) o 1 Faculty member positive

Achievement Testing

o We will be using the lowa Testing again this year the 1st full week of October

Professional Growth Plans

O Focus on Classroom Assessment - Diocesan-wide goal

EANS Funding

o The deadline to submit for reimbursement and procurement was August 30th Nearly $375,000

worth of receipts and quotes have been submitted. (Total allocation was $424,000)

New Staff

o Carissa Bentlage - Kindergarten o Jaimie Novak - 5th grade O Courtney Nelsen - Prek Aide



O Heather provided rubric and explanation.

Look at school's November 2020 totals to calculate the school's RED level. (Total number of positives for November and divide by our school's population last year) Then take half to figure out yellow and green.

For Example: Last November, IC School recorded 12 Positive cases (student & faculty) for the month. This equals 4% of our total population at that time.

Yellow = 2%

Green = 1%

So this year with a population of 315, here are our thresholds: Green >/= 1% (</= 3 students) Yellow >/= 2% ( </= 6 students) Red >/= 4% (</= 12 students)

Old Business:

o May Survey highlights - overall results were very positive. Key points for improvement:

• Consistency and frequency of teacher communication

Technology issues with regard to pandemic

Eric Rackers to discuss during next meeting

Athletic Events – Mask Requirements

O Board discussed implementation options for spectator mask protocols for indoor sporting events O According to CDC, masks are recommended when indoors


Heather requested board members to think about options and report back to her via email

Standing Committee Reports:

Athletic Committee: Jake reported Cross Country practice/events going well; see above discussion on mask requirements Technology: Lora reported all students have Chromebooks; working on gathering usage agreements; all teachers have new laptops Home and School: Toni stated committee plans to implement some new ideas this school year for fundraising; have chairpersons for all events and room parents for each classroom; will provide a birthday gift for all school staff (to ensure no person is left out); spirit wear is being ordered through a new vendor, Shirtsmith, and next order should arrive Friday; Heather to look into what other items may be available to offer

o Tentative Activity Dates:

October 14 - StepАThon February 5 - Chili Supper (dine in and drive through will be available) but there will be no carnival this year February 27 - Daddy Daughter Dance March 12 - Spring Fling March 20 - Mother Son Event

April 7 - Donuts with Dad * May 12 - Muffins with Mom

Wellness: Lora reported planning is underway for 5K; scheduled for November 6; shirt is ready to be sent to printer; advertisement will be placed on social media soon; all students will receive free breakfast and lunch this school year

Long Range Planning:

o Expansion Committee will be meeting 9/15 to prepare for a meeting with the Bishop on 9/17

- Heather provided a copy of the Action Plan - Year 5

New Business: Lil' Box of Sunshine will have its first auction on November 3.

Closing Prayer:

Jenni closed the meeting with a prayer.

Meeting ended 8:15 pm.

Immaculate Conception School Advisory Board Minutes

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 6:30-8:10 pm


Heather Schrimpf, Lora Boessen, Jenni Lang, Toni Miller, Tina Bernskoetter, Destiny Blume, Jake Rodemann, Jennifer McBaine, Teresa Bullock

Opening Prayer

Heather called the meeting to order with a prayer.

Dr. Erin Vader, Superintendent of the Diocese of Jefferson City outlined the roles and responsibilities of school advisory councils.

Co-responsible for school, supporting principal and pastor

o School is ministry of parish

• Pastor has legal authority

• Finance committee responsible to assist pastor with administration of

finances Advisory council advises principal and pastor

Parish council has spiritual responsibility Most important responsibility of advisory council is public relations

Other duties include: review/update/formulate policies; goal setting; budget; long-range planning

Approval of Minutes

. Minutes approved and signed.

Principal's Report

SW PBS: The teachers will be conducting a universal screening on each student in their class. SAEBRS (Social, Academic, Emotional, Behavioral, Risk Screener) is a tool to help us identify students who may be at risk. All teachers will complete a checklist for each student in their class. The checklist asks teachers to rate each student on their social interactions, emotions, and work in the classroom. Results of these checklists will be used to guide prevention efforts in school.

Achievement Testing: This week for grades 3-8

Title Funding Meeting: Title IIA ($9,353.52) & Title IV Funds ($1,812.46)

. End of Quarter (10/14) + Conferences (10/21): Information went home last week regarding

scheduling. Virtual conferences using the Zoom platform are still an option should parents prefer,

Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 25-29) + Halloween: Students will be given Red Ribbons to wear;

themed days are set by STUCO and information will be coming home soon

Technology: ViewSonic Boards have arrived and will installed soon

COVID Response: 1 student in quarantine (due to close contact in the family)

NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress): The 8th grade students have been selected to participate in this assessment program in the areas of reading or math. A group of NAEP representatives will be proctoring the test with our students. The testing window is in January-early March.

Stewardship Project for Parish: Each grade level will be creating a poster to promote stewardship in the parish. These posters will be hung in the windows of the annex.

Budget Information: This will be shared at the November meeting since the Finance Council did not meet in September.

Standing Committee Reports

Athletic Committee:

o Cross country: practice/events going well O Basketball practice/tryouts were successful – there will be a team for each grade = 5th, 6th, 7th

and gth grade for both boys and girls o Volleyball will end its season this week with CMPAL Catholic Bowl next weekend, which IC

is hosting at Helias o Cheerleading to be offered again this school year. Several 7th and 8th grade girls have signed

up. Just opened invitation to 6th graders as well. Plan to allow cheerleaders to attend assemblies. Mrs. Bruns is coordinator.

Technology: Lora reported interest in Go Guardian software, which is a safety/spyware application. Lora and Mrs. Stevens are conducting more research into the application and feasibility for use at IC School. Heather said an email will be sent to parents regarding a TikTok challenge that deals with school property and faculty/staff/students.

Home and School: Toni said upcoming Halloween parties will include parents that wish to attend; Prek, Kindergarten and 1st grade will do the costume parade.

Wellness: Lora reported sponsorship forms are coming in for the 5K; cafeteria to be audited this


Fundraising/Spirit: Toni reported the 8th grade is looking into costs for additional spirit wear and gifts such as pj bottoms, clear umbrella, etc as a means to help fund 8th grade trip at the end of the school year; more to come.

Long Range Planning

O Expansion Committee met with Bishop on 9/17, the plan has moved onto the finance

committee and is currently being reviewed.

New Business

Heather indicated she would like more input from the Advisory Council in setting yearly goals and budget items.

Closing Prayer:

Jenni closed the meeting with a prayer.

Meeting ended 8:10 pm.