Library Book Club

The Immaculate Conception School Library encourages everyone to participate in our Birthday/Gift Book Program. This program assists in providing new library books for I.C. students while commemorating birthdays and honoring loved ones.

Here is how you can participate:

You and your child/children may select a book from the prepared list attached to this letter. This list includes titles of hardbound books with a brief description and price. The number of books and selection will vary during the year. (Most books will be priced 10 dollars.)

A bookplate will be placed in each book purchased. This bookplate will state who purchased the book and whom it honors. For example, This book was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, in honor of Joe Smith, September 2007. When possible, your child will be the first to borrow the book from the library. Gifts will be acknowledged with a thank you note as well as the bookplate. (If you do not wish to have this information publicized, we will respect your wishes.)

What a great way to make a memorial contribution or a holiday gift! This program is available to anyone who would like to honor children, family members, or even special friends or teachers by donating a library book in their name. If you would like to make a special donation or need additional information, please contact Ms. Jeanne Schnurr at 636-7680.

We thank you in advance for helping to make our library better through our Birthday/Gift Book Program.