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IC SCRIP NEWSLETTER: October 17, 2018

Back to School Scrip Contest

The winner of our Back to School Scrip Contest is....

Mark Kiesling

Congratulations and thanks for everyone's participation in the contest.

School Registration Fee Contest

$500 Value

We are holding again the School Registration Fee Contest valued at $500 which will be applied towards one child's registration fees for the 2019-20 school year. For every $500 of scrip purchased, your family name will be entered into the drawing.

This contest runs from June 2018 - May 2019.

Gerbes Community Rewards Program


Please view the Gerbes Community Rewards Flyer if you have not yet enrolled in the program.


3rd Quarter (2018)

Community Rewards Program Report

Please submit now!

Deadline: December 31, 2018

To retrieve the rewards information, please follow these steps:

Go to

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on Savings and Rewards
  3. Click on Gerbes Community Rewards
  4. In the Section where it says, “I’m a Customer”, Click on View Details
  5. Under the Organization Name, your Family Contribution Amount should be listed.

Please either email the report to or send a hard copy to the school office.

Limited Time Cards

Coming October 20th

These cards make great gifts for the holidays so start stocking up!!

  • Amazon $10
  • Applebee's $10
  • Barnes and Noble $5 (ATO)
  • Darden Restaurants $10
  • Cheddars, Longhorn & Olive Garden (ATO)
  • Panera Bread $5
  • Red Lobster $10 (ATO)
  • Starbuck's $5
  • Taco Bell $5
  • Target $10
  • Walmart $10

ATO = Available to Order

Scrip Sale Dates

  • Oct 20-21st
  • Nov 3-4th,
  • Nov 17-18th
  • Dec 1-2nd
  • Dec 8-9th
  • Dec 15-16th

Scrip sales are in the St. Ann's Room of the Annex after all Masses except 5:00 pm Sunday

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call Janie Wyrick at the school office or e-mail any questions to her at

Please find below a Question and Answer Sheet that explains the program in detail

New Merchants: (In stock)

  • Gerbes - are back in stock. They will be available in $25 and $100 cards and return 4%

You can use these cards and also participate in the Gerbes Community Rewards Program. Take advantage of both opportunities.

New Merchants: (Available to Order)

  • Taco Bell - $25 cards with 5% return
  • Texas Roadhouse - $100 cards with 8% return
  • Walmart - $500 cards with 2.5% return


  • Amazon Prime Membership has changed the value of the membership to $126.14, return 8%.
  • Bass Pro has changed their percentage from 9% - 8%.
  • Bath and Body has decreased their percentage from 13% to 12%.
  • Cabela's has changed their percentage from 9% - 8%.
  • Cold Stone Creamery has changed their percentage from 8% - 11%.
  • Lands End has decreased their percentage from 16% to 15%.
  • McDonald's - Light Blue is no longer available to purchase due to acquisitions of McDonald's restaurants in the past year.
  • Panera Bread has changed their percentage from 9% - 8%.
  • Walmart is now available in ReloadNow. Walmart gift cards ordered through Shopwithscrip can now be reloaded for $10 - $500, with a maximum card balance of $500 and the same 2.5% rebate.

The following merchants have gone out of business in the Jefferson City and/or Columbia areas:

  • Fazoli's ($25) - 1 card
  • Macy's ($25) - 1 card
  • Quiznos ($10) - 4 cards

I still have a few cards of these merchants and would really like to get rid of them in our inventory. I would appreciate it if someone would be interested in purchasing some of these cards which can be used in different cities. Thank You!!


Pease read comments below from parents regarding on-line ordering:

"I love the Scrip Program! It is an easy fundraiser for both our school and for my family. When using scrip for normal day-to-day shopping, both the school and our school families are getting big rebates! ShopWithScrip Online has changed the way I utilize this program. By using PrestoPay online I don’t have to send checks to school or preplan our expenses. When I place my scrip orders online for physical cards they are sent home with my child that night. PrestoPay also makes ScripNow and ReloadNow instant ways to shop. It is so convenient; the gift card shows up almost instantly and I just use my phone to pay for my purchase. This program is a WIN-WIN!! Thank you for offering it".

Stephanie Rankin

"Our family uses the Online Scrip program any chance we get. It is fast, straight-forward, and easy to use. We have saved money for our family and earned money for our school by simply changing our payment method. It's a win-win for families to take advantage of this program!"

Jane Barnes

Online Shopping News


Please review this Power point presentation. If at anytime you would like to know more about on-line Scrip shopping, please call Janie Wyrick at the school office. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with her to discuss on-line Scrip shopping, she would be happy to meet with you. You can call the school office at 636-7680 or email her at


In order to shop on line, go to and set up an account. The on-line ordering instructions are attached below. You will have to link your account to the Immaculate Conception School scrip program and will need our school enrollment code (please call the school office for that enrollment code).

You can submit orders without enrolling in Presto Pay, but your order will not be released until check or cash are received in the school office. To bypass sending in check/cash and not holding up the release of your order, it would be advantageous for you to sign up for Presto Pay. Each order placed will cost you $.15, but this process will allow you to get your orders in a timely fashion and will also allow you to print ScripNow Merchants and Reload cards for those last minute purchases.

Instructions to sign up for Presto Pay are also listed on the instruction sheet. If you have any questions at all during the on-line process, please do not hesitate to call Janie Wyrick (636-7680) at the school office. Thank you in advance for giving on-line scrip shopping a try!!

Deadline for Presto Pay Orders

If you wish to place an on-line order using Presto Pay that you want sent home with your child, the deadline will be 2:00 pm daily. After that time, we cannot guarantee that the orders will be filled and sent home with your child. On early dismissal days, orders will need to be submitted no later than 12:00 pm.

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MyScripWallet - New and Improved

The new pairs the power of with the convenience of mobile ordering. New features make it easier than ever to earn on

With a variety of updates, you can now:

  • Enroll and set up online payments (PrestoPay™)
  • Order all card types—physical gift cards, reloads, and eGift cards (ScripNow®)
  • Use filters to search and add partners to your Favorites for quicker access
  • Pay online or by check
  • Easily switch between organizations
  • Change your password and username
  • Add a reloadable card
  • Easily access order history