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Forms & Program Information


Scrip Order Form

These forms are also available in the school office or at weekend mass sales. Please feel free to come by and pick up copies of this form, or we can send home a form at any time with your student if you are not able to print these forms at home.


On-line Scrip Ordering

Take advantage of the ease of On-line Scrip Ordering!

Physical Gift Cards - You can place an order for physical cards and they will be sent home with your child the same day as long as the order is placed before 2:00 pm.

ScripNow (eCard ) Merchants - Can be ordered right from your smartphone or personal computer and downloaded immediately for use.

ReloadNow Merchants - If a merchant is reloadable, you can purchase a card from our in-stock cards and keep the card and add funds immediately to that card. Help save the Earth with less plastic!!

Reload Merchants - Same as ReloadNow other than funds on the card are usually available within 24 hours.

Raise Right Flyer.pdf

"RaiseRight" Mobile App

Raise Right Q & A.pdf

"RaiseRight" FAQ'S


On-Line Payments

Families who use On-line shopping earn up to 45% more in scrip credits. There are now two options to pay for ScripNow or e-cards.

  1. Link your bank account ($.15 fee on each transaction)

  2. Pay with your credit card ($2.6% fee on each transaction)

Gerbes Community Rewards Program Flyer.pdf

Gerbes Community Rewards Program

Enroll your Gerbes Plus Card with Immaculate Conception School.

In order to receive credit for your Gerbes purchases, you must remit your Gerbes Community Rewards Program report each quarter. This report will be requested in the monthly Scrip Newsletters so please watch for this requested information.

Q & A.pdf

Questions & Answers Scrip Program

If you have any additional questions regarding the Scrip Program, please contact Janie Wyrick, Scrip Coordinator at (573) 636-7680 or email jwyrick@icangels.com.